The House number 7 is finished!

Ok… this took waaaaay longer than we thought πŸ˜› and life got quite busy so we did not manage to update this report. Anyway, we are back to finish this so we can always return here to see what we achieved πŸ™‚ The only thing we didn’t do, from what we had initially planned, is […]

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The Bathroom

The bathroom was the first thing to be finished, for the obvious reasons. However, we still had to endure a couple of weeks without toilet or washbasin (or a bath/shower…). This was during the time we were coming here only on weekends to do works. Thus, we had to use the local pub… Which was […]

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The Kitchen

Initially the kitchen did not look to be in a bad state and we considered to keep it like it was. However, we started daydreaming about a new kitchen, designed to bring more light to the space… and oh! how nice it would be!? πŸ™‚ This during the time we were waiting to get the […]

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“Big” Works

Now that we have internet again we can return to our report on the house’s progress. πŸ™‚ The house was not only with a cosmetic need of update… With at least 20 years of nothing major done, the house was in a really sad shape. Therefore, we decided to go DEEPΒ on the works. We decided […]

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Woodchip Wallpaper

Woodchip wallpaper… Have you ever seen or heard about it? We hadn’t…until we started working in the house, and oh man…what an annoying thing… If you haven’t been introduced to it (lucky you), is a two layer of wallpaper with little pieces of wood between those layers. So clever… πŸ˜› This little sneaky thing is […]

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So it begins!

Now that the overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to start has passed, and everything is at least in motion we can show you how the house was. As soon as we got the keys we jumped into work and started to remove all the carpets. This means that we only took pictures when the […]

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90 Days

This is how long it took from see the house to get the keys. Exactly 90 days, from 27th February to 27th of May. It felt like an eternity but from what we have been told, our process, was in fact pretty fast. Before we even start visiting houses we absorbed as much information as […]

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